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Downsize or Rightsize? Which is the best way to go?

October 21st, 2019 6:22 PM by Scott Realty Professionals

Photo Credits: programmingibc from Pixabay Entering a new phase of our lives could mean a lot of different things. It could mean welcoming a lifestyle that urges us to consider making a change from what we are accustomed to. When homeowners 55 years old and older move from a large home to a smaller one, this is typically called downsizing. The dictionary defines downsizing as to make something smaller,  which implies something negative for most people. Hence, the word rightsizing was minted, suggesting a more positive meaning than the term downsizing. What is rightsizing? It means to convert something to a suitable or optimum size. In real estate terminology, rightsizing is taking into consideration what the family needs -  what's more suitable for their lifestyle now and in the future. Rightsizing does not only include the square footage or the acreage but also the location, the community, the convenience, the cost of the upkeep and maintenance.  Now the question is can I rightsize even when I am not yet an empty nester? Of course! Rightsizing is perfect for a lifestyle change as well. It is for anyone who is looking for a more sustainable and low maintenance lifestyle. 

If you are ready to make the choice and start a new chapter, you can always rely on Scott Realty Professionals to help you every step of the way. 

Posted by Scott Realty Professionals on October 21st, 2019 6:22 PM


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